Who we are

We are a family, the family of Sergio Ratti, the visionary entrepreneur who accidentally crosses the Cascina Diodona gate in 1994 and is struck by this place, sensing its potential. There is Giulio, his youngest son, to whom he entrusted the then farm at a very young age. There is Stefania, who joined him when it was time for transformation into a restaurant and location. There is Mariateresa, his wife and Corrado, the eldest son, who take care of the property as Sergio did for so many years. And then there is a beautiful staff, which today is part of this family. Raffaella, who brought the experience of Fiera Milano and Villa Erba; Ezio, curious and expert chef, discoverer of young cooking talents; Samuele, who as a child played in the Diodona Park and today is the attentive curator of the green areas; Pierluigi, Massimo, Tony, Andrea, Alessia who take care of the service; Andrea, Gabriele and Michele always enthusiastically in the kitchen; Leda and Anna who check every detail, because you always seem to enter a house. And then there are many guys who come to learn our recipe and then stop or continue their journey: Federica, Alessia, Simone, Christian, Andrea and many others. Here we are!

A restaurant in the countryside

Located in the gentle hilly landscape of the Lombardy Prealps, between Como and Varese, the Cascina Diodona is located in the middle of a five-hectare park crossed by paths that border lawns, orchards and chestnut and oak woods. The excellent exposure guarantees full sun until sunset throughout the year.


The main complex has welcoming and well-kept rooms with a traditional taste: from the fireplace room with a veranda that opens onto the courtyard, to the reception hall that looks towards the park, up to the most collected and elegant barn. On the opposite side of the courtyard there is the newly built multifunctional hall which leads to the wine cellar. A flower garden surrounds the outdoor courtyard, the veranda and the large patio..


Upstream of the property, between the forest and the orchard, here is an unusual and enchanting place to organize parties, receptions and parades: the Limonaia, a splendid glassed-in conservatory, open from April to October, flanked by the great sail. It is accessed by an independent car park and can not be reached by other Diodona guests. Dominating the ancient roccolo, nestled between hornbeams and not far from the pond, with relaxing spaces under the portico.


The variety of environments, the professionalism of the staff and the high quality of the kitchen make Diodona the ideal location for every occasion. Our chefs use local, seasonal and genuine products. The particularity of the kitchen is the wood-burning, onyr modern grilles or on imposing spits present outside all the rooms. The proposals for vegetarians and vegans are interesting. Great attention is given to intolerances.